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I am a young, and big dreaming individual. I have had massive dreams for all of my life, and I feel like the world around me, especially school, is almost designed for me to fail. I have been taking the direction of my life into my own hands, and I try to learn new things everyday on how to grow business. I love growing my social media platforms and I have seen steady growth from some. I also have amazing results from viral content on Snapchat, and have lot's of experience managing discord, and Instagram accounts and Servers. I am always looking to expand my knowledge, make new business partners, and new friends. My goal in life is to shape it the way I want it, and not give in to what school, and society have been telling me to do. Follow my social medias to keep up with my growth. Also please reach out to me if you want to. I love to get advice on how to grow. Have a great day, and stay positive!

Last few words I would like to say is that if you are trying to get a small business, or project started, lease email or DM me on Instagram because I would love to help you!

Social Accounts

Instagram: instagram.com/aj_norton35
Snapchat Username: aj_norton35
Discord Username: xXxM3rcxXx T21#8729
TikTok: aj_n35


Any Donations for continuing aspirations would be greatly appreciated!

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